Warranty Details

What’s Covered Under Our 1-Year Warranty?

No legal jargon here. Just a straightforward, hassle-free 1 Year Warranty. If you've purchased a product from Blue Mano, you qualify for our unconditional 1 Year Guarantee.

Blue Mano Products are consistently engineered to endure whatever challenges you may subject them to.

Nonetheless, should your item from Blue Mano fracture, sink, tear, rupture, or otherwise fall short of your anticipations, within 1 year of purchase, just inform us of your discontent. We will promptly send a replacement component. No charges for shipping and handling. No obstacles to navigate. No additional expenses... ever. All you need to provide is an original order ID as proof of ownership and an image of the product, and you become eligible for a replacement or reimbursement.

Ultimately, while the expense of acquiring a Blue Mano brand product might be higher, what is the value of knowing that should any issue arise, we will rectify or replace it, WITHOUT ANY EXPENSE ON YOUR PART.

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